Lombard House

At the western end of via Santa Caterina, stands a house with unusual architectural form and a finely sculpted façade. It is the house of architect and sculptor Francesco Graziolo, who came to Asolo during the reign of Queen Cornaro, as her personal architect, and died here in 1536. It takes the name Longobarda because, in the engraving found on the architrave of the second order, the architect is called longobardus. It must have been the site of his workshop on the façade of which he exhibited a number of his works. Liberally adapted from “Atlante Storico delle Città Italiane – Asolo” edited by Guido Rosada directed by Francesca Bocchi © 1993 Grafis Edizioni Via 2 giugno, 440033 Casalecchio di Reno (BO)