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  • Agriturismo da Gino


    The owner Gino, helped by his wife and sons,restored an old stable and a barn to obtain a rustic and welcoming restaurant where you can enjoy the traditional local dishes. Everage price (drinks excluded): 25€. Open on Thursday night only only with booking, on Friday evening, Saturday evening, Sunday and holidays.

  • Al Bersagliere


    Old tavern founded in the late 19th century by Giovan Battista Stona, Bersagliere during the First World War. Nowadays the tavern is run by his granddaughter Marisa with her husband Gianni. Welcoming atmosphere (both in the Summer and in the Winter) that offers simple cold cuts, local cheese and local wine. Everage rice (drinks excluded): 25€.

  • Al Lauro


    You can taste different types of dishes and it is also a pizzeria, Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

  • Da Vanore


    Picturesque place surrounded by green, cosy and wecoming, nice and simple people, very good char-grilled, rustic and savory cuisine. There are ofter musicians on Friday evening. Good wine collection with more than 150 types of wine. Everage price (drinks excluded): 35-40€. Closed on Monday.

  • Ferro e Fuoco


    Pizzeria Ferro E Fuoco welcomes you with warmth and sympathy. At lunchtime it also offers dishes as a restaurant. It has a Summer dehors.

  • La Tavernetta


    Typical and welcoming restaurant near the historical centre. The cuisine joins traditional products and creativity, from the first course with homemade pasta to grilled specialities and Veneto's traditional's dishes. Homemade desserts.

  • La Trave


    Old and rustic trattoria with local and seasonal specialities (spring herbs, mushrooms, risotto, “sopa coada”, snails, salted codfish). Everage price (drinks excluded): 28/30€. Closed on Monday.

  • Locanda Baggio

    Intimate and cosy restaurant, characterised by the typical and traditional cuisine. Very good wine collection with a selection of local, national and international wines. Everage price (drinks excluded): 40/50€. Closing: Monday and Tuesday at lunchtime.

  • Mexican Grill


    Esotic atmosphere and cuisine for this restaurant where it's possible to taste Mexican's traditional cuisine.

  • Momà


    The exclusivity and the taste for life are the distinctive characteristics of the MoMA'. We're in Asolo, but we could be in Paris, NYC, Barcelona, London. The restaurant has an international and cosmopolitan soul. Closed on Tuesday and on Saturday at lunchtime.

  • Osteria di Via Tuna


    Tavern, pizzeria and restaurant that offers the typical local cuisine, revised with simplicity and innovation. Wine list that has a special consideration for Asolo's wines. It's also a water shop with a vast choice of types of water from all over the world. Everage price (drinks excluded): 15-30€. Closed on Tuesday evening.

  • Ponte Peron


    Trattoria Ponte Peron, founded in 1950, situated in the Asolo's hills near the town of the 100 horizons, takes its name from the bridge that crossed the creek of the same name. The atmosphere of these place and the family-run business are the perfect frame for the typical cuisine. Homemade pasta, char-grilled meat, mushrooms and homemade desserts. Everage price (drinks excluded): 30/35€. Closed on Tuesday evening and on Wednesday.

  • Trattoria Ciarnie i di Canciani Daniele


    For the admirers of Friuli's cuisine, who, in Asolo, don't want to give up on the typical Veneto's dishes, there's trattoria Ciarnie. Venetian's liver, “pèasta e fasioi” (pasta with beans), hare with sauce, roast with cornmeal mush and cheese. Everage price (drinks excluded): 25/30€. closed on Monday even ing and on Tuesday.

  • Villa Razzolini Loredan


    At the foot of Asolo's rocca, surrounded by a big park, the majestic Veneto's villa of the 17th century, hosts a restaurant. The refined cuisine respects the territory with offers of seasonal products. The seasonal menu enhances the products with “bisi de Borso”, seasonal mushrooms, white asparagus, Grappa's typical cheese, artichokes. During the Winter there are recipies made with Bassano's broccoli and Treviso's and Castelfranco's chicory. Seafood cuisine at every time of the year. Everage price (drinks excluded): 25-55€.

  • Ai quattro gatti


    Pizzeria and restaurant Ai 4 Gatti, run by Cristiana adn Fabio, in Casekka d'Asolo, near Treviso, offers pizza with take-away service, first courses, aperitives. Pizzas are made using first rate ingredients. Conditioned rooms, summer garden and car park.

  • Da Denis

    Typology:Pizzeria/Snack Bar

    Nice atmosphere that lets you share an evening of glee. The owner takes care of the cooking himself, looking after every detail, trying to satisfy every kind of request. Snack Bar Da Denis has a game room and a soccer field.

  • Pizzeria Rock


    Pizza Rock is a pizzeria with a very good staff, proud to offer their own products.

  • Al Morer


    Lain on the the slopes of Asolo's hill, near the “rocca”, an old restructured farmhouse. Ceccato family offers simple dishes characterised by the traditional taste, with homemade desserts, local wine and salami and local cheese tasting.

  • Agriturismo Sant'Anna

    Phone:348 9108710
  • Birreria TEX MEX

  • Trattoria Croce D'Oro

    Phone:0423 564206
  • Pizzeria Pasticceria Al Portego

    Phone:0423 529488
  • Trattoria Al Bristol

    Phone:0423 529488
  • Alla Fornace

    Phone:0423 952813
  • Trattoria Mirco Bar

    Phone:0423 952265