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For general information about the Museum and the Rocca of Asolo, booking guided tours and educational activities please contact:

Tel: +39 0423 952313
Mobile: +39 347 5735246
For information about museum collections, monuments of the city and for institutional contacts with Superintendents and public institutions turn to the office culture:
Tel: +39 0423 524637
Fax: +39 0423 950130
February 2021: Friday 10.00-17.30
February 2021: Friday 10.00-17.30
ROCCA: February 2021: 1€
MUSEUM: February 2021: 1€

Residents of Asolo (upon presentation of a valid identity document) – visitors over the age of 65 – children aged between 6 and 18 years old – teachers of every class or grade (upon presentation of identity card/certificate) – university students (upon presentation of student ID card) who are under 26 years of age – groups of visitors over 10 – members of associations with which agreements have been made regarding access to the monumental heritage of Asolo (upon presentation of the card) – enrolled in the Library System of Treviso (upon presentation of the card) – disabled and invalids recognized by law – members of the Friends of Museums association and monuments of Asolo (upon presentation of the card) – all those who show an access ticket at the ticket office for museums and/or exhibitions for which agreements of reciprocity have been entered into (e.g. the Museum Island) – unemployed or redundant workers.


Officers on duty in the Municipality of Asolo, of the Province of Treviso and the Veneto Region – directors or curators of Italian and foreign museums – management role staff of the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities – registered journalists (upon presentation of the card) – guides and tour leaders regularly authorized to practice the profession (upon presentation of the card) – ICOM members (International Council of Museums, upon presentation of the card) – tourist interpreters when their assistance is required alongside the guide (providing a valid license issued by the competent authority) – carers of invalid and disabled persons recognized by law – under the age of 6 years (must be accompanied) – the teachers of the schools who accompany their students – personality of the Italian State and politics official representative – Italian and foreign scholars invited by the Administration, participating in conferences and congresses, having socio-cultural , scientific and humanitarian purposes, taking place in the town.


Free second Sunday of each month (ROCCA 11.00 – MUSEUM 16.00)!

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