Municipal Historical Archive

The Historical Archive, officially opened in November 1998, has the tasks of preserving, studying and recording the civic historical documentary heritage and promotion of activities aimed at the dissemination of local culture and historical knowledge. Admission is free and research and consultation activities are permitted within the limits provided by law.
Users have inventories (paper and computer) at their disposition of the old regime Archive (until 1797) and the nineteenth/twentieth century Archive and advice and assistance is provided in the research and printing services of the digital maps of the cadastre of Asolo.

It has a structure summarized as follows:

In the “Old Regime” archive, a total of 150 envelopes, the most interesting material are the cadastres with 1717 drawings; there are n.187 maps divided into 4 registers corresponding to each of the 4 districts into which the area was divided plus 75 cadastres. The two maps of Asolo old town centre and the maps of Casoni and Mussolente are missing;
Cadastres starting from 1472, (59 envelopes);

The “Libri partium” book parts from 1531 to 1797, volumes that are in excellent condition containing the administrative provisions established in the meetings of the Councils and the conferring of duties to each councillor;
Direct expression of the activities of the Municipality and its magistrates (6 envelopes);
The Red Book, an official collection of memoirs of Asolo from 1389 to 1622 and after the Yellow Book which chronologically goes up to 1802.

To be highlighted after:
– 49 manuscripts from the XVII century to the end of the nineteenth century, which include chronicles of local history, author’s notebooks, comedies;
– The index of Giomo from Asolo, head of the State Archive of Venice, who in 1898 wrote down about 4000 sheets of documents preserved in Venice and regarding Asolo all the sheets have been transcribed into a volume;
– The Statutes of Treviso of 1411 on a scroll; are the most ancient copies of the Statues of Treviso whose original went missing and which remained in force from 1316 to 1805;
– 59 ducals from the XVI century; are various types from the authentication of a letter of attorney, to a collection order, a thank-you letter, a letter to recall the granting of privilege, of grace etc. Most of them are without a metal seal and are not restored;
About 1500 loose scrolls from private sources from the XIV to the XVII century.

There are 51 envelopes of administration acts from the Austrian-French era.

The nineteenth-twentieth century archive preserves n. 600 envelopes of administration acts together with the protocol logs (from 1833 to 1950); general records were arranged for a total of 20 envelopes from 1806 to 1815 (civil registries, marriage acts and resident population registry).

The following are also preserved:
The Comacchio Archive (18 envelopes) mainly paper and photographic material, gift of the author, which are also part of the collection of degree theses with Asolo and the Asolan as the topic, discussed between 1965 and 1983 (n. 21);
The Dall’Armi Archive Trieste that preserves 11 envelopes of registers of rent, scrolls an private deeds;
– The degree theses of the Migliorini archive n. 30 from 1995 to present.
Filed Archives:
– Historical archive of the Hospital and of Charities (640 envelopes), filed in the seventies, paper material of the last century;

Archive of the Mutual Organization (1878 – 1953) (28 envelopes) with an existing index summary;
Paladini Archive donated by professor Augusto Le Lievre.

Activities carried out from 1998 to present:

– Establishment of an annual award named after Gianmarco Migliorini for degree thesis on a topic relating to Asolo and the Asolan;
– Educational visits for pupils of the local schools in the area;
– Small exhibition of documentary material on Asolo in 1814;
– Digitalization of cadastral maps of Asolo of 1711-1717;
– Conference about the cadastral maps of Asolo of 1711-1717;
– Local history conferences;
– “Week of Culture” exhibition of themed documents at the Museum;
– Exhibition “The Risorgimento in Asolo (1848-1870). Memoirs and notes for a story