The imposing walls that surround the town, overlooked by no fewer than thirty-two towers, are almost intact and the path that follows the moat around them offers an outstanding view. The origin of the town dates back to 1220 when the Municipality of Padua had the wall built to protect its territory. The centre of town houses a number of authentic treasures: the Malta Tower, mentioned in the Divine Comedy, the ancient Palazzo Pretorio and the prestigious Teatro Sociale, one of the few built box style in the Veneto region. Admirable example of defensive architecture, the city walls of Cittadella are one of the best conserved medieval military constructions in Europe. In 1220 it was built by the Municipality of Padua in a strategic position to protect the territory from external attacks. The vaguely circular layout has four entrance gates and thirty-two towers. A path running alongside the moat provides a beautiful walk in the shade of the old walls.