Bassano del Grappa

The characteristic Alpini Bridge, Iacopo da Ponte and the delicate ceramic production are symbols that give it its international fame. The wooden bridge by Andrea Palladio, the Castle of the Ezzelini, the Town Museum and numerous frescoed mansions embellish the town centre. Medieval testimonies mix with Venetian architecture inside the three city walls, that show the urban development of the town with its Roman origins. The cultural life bristles with events, shows and great exhibitions.The walk way along the walls offers an outstanding view of the region at the foot of the mountains and over the entire town. From inside the city walls one reaches the Ezzelini Castle, in a raised position compared to the village, along a steep route that crosses the district with the old shops. The three city walls, the last built in 1370, are the sign of how this thousand-year-old city developed.