Little Fountain Zen

The small cistern for the collection of water situated at the southern entrance to the city, near the Castelfranco gate, was built by the Zen family in 1571 following an agreement between them and the Town Council. The family had in fact asked the town council to bring water from the collection point in the square to their mansion on the Foresto vecchio. The town council consented to the construction of the pipe only against the precise pledge by the Zen family to build the fountain for the benefit of the wayfarers arriving in the village after a long climb. Its water also supplied the collection tanks used by washerwomen and as troughs for horses, situated just outside the Ceci (now Castelfranco) gate. The recently restored fountain is still used as a stop for refreshment for those tackling Asolo’s steep climbs.Liberally adapted from “Atlante Storico delle Città Italiane – Asolo” edited by Guido Rosada directed by Francesca Bocchi © 1993 Grafis Edizioni Via 2 giugno, 440033 Casalecchio di Reno (BO)