Greater Fountain

The fountain, situated in the square of the same name, is the spiritual centre of the town, is important as a tangible sign of the solution of age-old and recurrent issues experienced by the inhabitants of Asolo in their quest for a water supply, a fact that indissolubly links the fountain with the historical town of Asolo. From time immemorial until the first thirty years of the twentieth century, the Fontana maggiore was the main system of water collection in the centre of town thanks to the supply by the underground aqueducts of the “Bot”. The form of the fountain visible today dates back to 1575 when it was restored under the Podestà Giovanni Pisani. The bequest of the winged lion by sculptor Antonio Dal Zotto, on the other hand, dates to 1918. The fountain was recently given a thorough overhaul and cleaning restoring it to working order.Liberally adapted from “Atlante Storico delle Città Italiane – Asolo” edited by Guido Rosada directed by Francesca Bocchi © 1993 Grafis Edizioni Via 2 giugno, 440033 Casalecchio di Reno (BO)